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South Fork Inn and Grille
 "Welcome Friends - Come on in and Stay Awhile"

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Here We Are:

Karen is the Inn Keeper in overall charge of all the Restaurant and Lodging activities. Ian is the Administrative Manager responsible for supporting day to day activities while maintaining the Web Site and Social Media interfaces. Between the two of us we also keep a very close eye on opportunities for business development at the South Fork Inn and Grille

We hunt, we shoot, we fish. We drive tractors and ATVs as we maintain our Wisconsin and Oklahoma Hunting properties and regard Rural Living as a blessing.

Mel - Kitchen Manager
Mel has taken the position of Hotel and Kitchen Manager. She has unmatched energy and enthusiasm. It has been a real pleasure watching her blend seamlessly into our Team especially as she is so interested in all that the business involves. Be assured she will also be providing you with nothing less than what you expect from the South Fork Inn and Grille in terms of a very satisfying lodging and dining experience.

UPDATE: Mel is an absolute Team Leader...a very hard worker...such a nutter!
Bridget - Restaurant Services Leader

Meet Bridget, she is here as a server and is a natural compliment to our staff. Bridget has the experience and personality to help make your stay with us enjoyable and satisfying.

As time goes by she will be instrumental in helping to train new staff and we are very happy to have her with the "Grille Gang"

UPDATE: Bridget is fast becoming a corner stone of our Operations...well Done...

Travis - Chief Cook

Say hello to Travis, our new Cook. He takes a unique place in the "Grille Gang" as apart from having many years of kitchen experience from Busboy to Cook he can double as our Maintenance and Outdoor person. He is working closely with Mel both to support her in the Kitchen and to broaden the scope of what we can offer. You will also see him tending bar. I guess we should nickname him "Jack"

As he splits his duties he has undertaken all aspects of property and grounds maintenance. From Fish Pond to Foundations he will be busy, especially when winter comes blasting in.

Sonja - Housekeeping

Sonja is a member of the "Grille Gang" and she helps with the Housekeeping. Having her here has been a great asset and, once again, we have a staff member that we look forward to keeping with us.

UPDATE: Our reviews continually reference the cleanliness and beautiful preparation of our rooms...Thank you Sonja...

Goofy - Welcoming Committee

Goofy is Head of Security and is the Top Dog on the Welcoming Committee. He has been here longer than anybody and provides a wealth of good advice and anecdotes.

He is super friendly and likes company, human and canine. He likes to eat snow and pretend he is a black bear. Being an Australian Shepherd he does bark with an accent but it is still easy to understand him.

He has a tendency to trip over his own feet, spontaneously fall over and walk into things...Goofy by name and Goofy by nature...Everbody loves Goofy...

Our Mission:

Is to develop a loyal following of regular Customers that we will encourage by the continual development of a varied and interesting menu that is in balance with all that  reminds you of family, friends and home cooking.

We all want the South Fork Inn and Grille to be your local Inn and Grille of choice, we want you to "Come on in and Stay Awhile"