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South Fork Inn and Grille
 "Welcome Friends - Come on in and Stay Awhile"

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Wow, where did January go? That was a quick month, and all that snow too. Well,  time for a quick report; this was our second full month opperating the SFIaG and we are very satisfied with the progress so far. Even though the weather has been brutal many of you have found the time to "Come on in an stay awhile" We sincerely hope it was a worthwhile experience for you all. And if, perhaps, you left a little discontented then be sure to use our "Contact Us" drop down and share your thoughts. If you have positive reviews then also please let us know and go visit our FB page and leave us a review there too. FB page is South Fork Inn and Grille, the one with a mounted trout in the Cover picture. We are still plagued by dummy sites.

We are already receiving Lodging Reservations for summer so first come first served as they say. We are also receiving reservations for the Valentine's Day Special...remember, reserve a table and get a complimentary bottle of Champagne.


It's official, the new Menu will be available in the Restaurant on 15Feb16 and also here, on our Web Site, as well as on FB.


Shortly  24lbs (four pieces) of USDA Choice Beef Tenderloin will be trimmed and prepared for the Valentine's Day Special. Quite looking forward to this as working with superior quality meat is a real pleasure. A convenient by-product will be small trimmings for turning into a Beef Bourguinon and the larger "Head and Tail" of the tenderloins which will go on the Menu as Beef Medallions...keep your eyes open because these will be a real treat.


Hope to see plenty of you tomorrow for our Superbowl Special. Karen has brought the best Wings recipe from Ohio "Wagners Wings" It was formulated by her Father who was a Hotel and Restaurant owner. By coincidence I am very familiar with the supplier of the superb wings Karen has bought in for this item. The wings are from Brakebush Brothers in Wisconsin, just 8 miles from where we have a house. I spent a few years there as their Chief Refrigeration Technician and know the plant and its processes inside out. I can only speak very highly of what they do there. Check out their Logo, pretty girl or chicken? Superb fleet of Trucks.


Had a great Superbowl 50 Day yesterday and thank you to all who came and shared the fun and food. For me the game was enjoyable as I did not support either team but it must have been hell for all those Panther fans out there who's hopes were riding so high...but well done Broncos for a defensive strategy that won the on Daytona :-)

Please remember to reserve a table for your Valentine's Day evening. Apart from receiving a complimentary bottle of Champagne it allows us to plan ahead and serve you better. It is worth noting here that due to the excellent quality of the food we are preparing for you that there may be a slightly longer waiting time as we work to provide you with the ultimate dining experience.


Please visit our Facebook Page. See FB Button at the bottom of each page. Thank you.


We are really excited about the new Menu, so much so, that we have already added it to the "Restaurant" drop down. However, please take note that the new Menu offerings will not be available until 15Feb16 and they will be in place through Spring.


Couple of things: we are starting to feature Earl's Hot Sauces. These are hand crafted from all natural products and feature a variety of blends, some of which utilize the Guinness Book of  Records world's hottest peppers from the last five years. Well worth experimenting with...20 varieties by the way...

Next, the New Menu is fully uploaded to the Restaurant section here and will form the basis of all our menus as we change style to suit the seasons...and yourselves too, of course.

Spent time pressure canning some Snake River Trout, the last batch came out incredibly well. Building up stock.

Finally, I think I just invented the World's Best Soup. I will let you know more about it when it has done some field testing, so Come on in and stay awhile and you can be a guinea pig.... :-)

Hope to see you at the Valentine's Day Special this evening.


Thank you everyone who came for our Valentine's Day Special...we enjoyed your company and from your gracious comments it would seem that your meals were very much to your satisfaction. We thoroughly enjoy catering for you especially when we see you happy and satisfied. I must say this, because we buy absolute premium quality products, especially our meats and seafood, it is a pleasure to prepare and cook them for you as the the results we look for are so much easier to achieve. A "Win Win Situation" for all of us.

Something that will help us provide the service and quality that you would naturally expect is Feedback, in the form of reviews. We are always happy to physically hear you comment positively, however, if you would take just one minute to complete a review, situated on this page ("Social") in Trip Advisor, then you are sharing with others who can read those comments and be informed. Even if you have some dissatisfaction please please call us and let us know, or complete a "Contact Us" message on this site. Constructive criticism is just as positive as a good review. It is easy to leave a Review on our Facebook page too. Thank you.

So, moving on, Valentine's Day was so much fun how about we get prepared for St Patrick's Day?...we will run a typical Irish Menu but with some twists here and there...keep watching our FB page or our web-site blog for updates...

Please do not forget that we are taking applications for many different positions at the South Fork Inn and Grille...ranging from Assistant Manager to Groundskeeper. Notifications are posted locally and we will keep them refreshed so that you are always up to date with what is available. Come and see us...


Although it is still a month away we are just making final adjustment to our St. Patrick's Day Menu...looking good.

We are close to the end of that "Long and Winding Road" that leads to our Beer and Wine license. Hopefully any day now...we have been issued the License number, just waiting for the hard copy. Karen has Distributors on Stand By...


OK folks it's official:  Fabulous news everybody...the South Fork Inn and Grille now has a license to sell Beer and Wine. Give us a few days to get the distributors organized and get some stock in and we shall have the official opening party...stay tuned...


The Beer and Wine Distributors have been and there is now a full selection of National Beers complimented by some select Local Brews. The wine selection is also very satisfying. We are refining the prices to be sure that they are ultimately reasonable and attract you. 

So, now we are able to offer a more balanced dining experience for you and to cater for those with a thirst. We are really looking forward to sharing the South Fork experience with you. This is going to be a lot of fun for all of us. Meantime, be assured, that our primary and most important mission is to provide you with the opportunity to enjoy the very best dining experience for miles and miles around. See you soon.

Commencing today we will be posting our weekly specials here on FB, Web Site Daily Blog and in the "Specials" section of our Restaurant Pull Down. So, starting Thursday, this weeks specials will be:

Beef Tenderloin Medallions drenched in a Red Wine and Mushroom sauce. Served alongside an Idaho Baked Potato, with various dressing of your choice, and lightly steamed Asparagus Tips wrapped in Apple Smoked Bacon coated in butter and sprinkled with cilantro - $19.95

Savory Beef Stuffed Cabbage alongside Creamy Idaho Mashed Potatoes and a homemade brown gravy complimented with par boiled Baby Carrots in a buttery sauce - $9.95

These items served in addition to our recently expanded menu posted on our Web-Site.

A full selection of Beer and Wine is available.

So, Welcome Friends, come on in and stay awhile...