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South Fork Inn and Grille
 "Welcome Friends - Come on in and Stay Awhile"

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Happy New Year everybody. We would like to say a big Thank You to all of you that did actually "Come on in and stay awhile" during 2015. Whether it was at the Restaurant or in the Lodging it really was our pleasure to meet with you and have the opportunity to serve you.

In particular, though, a special thank you goes out to our guests who came in to the Restaurant on New Years Eve and stressed us out of our minds :-)...We knew we had some healthy reservations but then we were nicely surprised to see all the rest of you come in. A 28lb rib-roast disappeared and my most sincere apologies go to the last few guests who did not have any choice about the wellness done of your serving as only the ends were left. We learned a lot of lessons and can assure everybody that we will stick with our Mission Statement which is to provide you with a superior menu that is based on traditional Idaho and Wyoming fare served in an atmosphere of comfort and warmth.

Thank you all again....


After a day spent watching NFL Week 17 and the resulting Playoff impacts we are working towards the next South Fork Special which will be a Superbowl Extravaganza. Watch the Restaurant/Specials "Drop-down" for the menu.

FYI, we put together another big chili as it seems to be a favorite and you will see it featuring regularly in the menu. On that topic, based on our growing experience there will shortly be some fine tuning of the various menus with the addition of more Daily Specials.

One idea in mind is a Sampler which would consist of a cup of Soup, a cup of Chili and a cup of Curry. Served with Bread, Crackers, Grated Cheese and Sour Cream for a price of $9.25. Please let us know your thoughts in the comments section.


We are making some small changes to this Web-Site so be sure to keep yourself up to date. Also, check out our Facebook Page by doing a search on South Fork Inn and Grille. It has recently been updated and it also provides a venue for your comments. Oh, and by the way, if ever there is anything about our service or product that was less than pleasurable for you please share it with us so that we can work to improve. If any dissatisfaction is just voiced between friends etc then there is no way we can be aware of it and work to resolve any issues and help to improve your experience. We consider honest criticism to be a tool we can use to learn lessons.

UPDATE: We are taking the next step to procuring our Beer and Wine License, it is a complicated and drawn out process but please understand we are being as expedient as we can.


A reminder to all you out there that may be considering a winter weekend (or more) in this area, we are offering our accommodation at heavily reduced Winter Rates. Please check out the Lodging tab to see what is available and the current rates. Please note that you can book rooms and pay for them through our web-site. Also, our Lodging Guests get reduced Restaurant rates too. Check with us to see what other discounted options we have available both in the Restaurant and in the Lodging.

Now is a great time to come sit by the fire in our luxurious Restaurant and enjoy the view of snow covered Swan Valley out to Mount Baldy while, at the same time, enjoying a wonderful meal.


As mentioned on our FaceBook page Karen is very close to releasing the new menus which have been expanded to suit your interest and to respond to your comments and suggestions. Also, there will be the addition of a Superbowl 50 Menu under "Specials".

Keep visiting this blog for the most up to date information on when the new menus are available under our "Restaurant" drop down and at the table.


We have just posted the Superbowl 50 Menu in the "Specials" section of our "Restaurant" drop down. It sure looks good so we hope to see you come visit for a fun afternoon February 7th, 2016. We will be open from 3pm through 9pm. The food is guaranteed to be fabulous.

Almost done with the Menu updates. We will let you know when they are posted.

Did you notice the new Opening Dates and Times for the Restaurant? All is posted outside on the big sign.

We have had quite an interest in our curries so, to suit a particular request, I have started making a Lamb Dopiaza which is a medium strength curry originally from Persia but developed in Hyderabad, India. It is one of the most popular curries in England. Again, watch the Menu selections.


Hello everybody, hope you are staying warm...not too much in the way of updates. Firstly, we missed a lot of you last weekend and wish we could have made it to the Fish-Fry but we have to stay pretty close to the job here. Hope you all had fun and that it was a successful night.

Still working on the menu updates, want them to be right. On that topic, we are developing the Valentine's Day Menu. It looks really good and, again, that will be posted shortly. One point to consider though is that for everyone who makes a table reservation there will be a complimentary bottle of Champagne waiting for you. So bring your Sweetheart and a healthy appetite...Bon Appetit.

Karen put her cooking skills to good use a few days ago and made a spectacular Meatloaf, did not take long before it was all gone so based on that she will be making another on. It will be served as a sandwich or as an Entree along with Mashed Potato and French Beans...oh and home made Brown Gravy.

We also cooked up a Fig Stuffed Pork Loin the other day to make sure the recipe was perfected. Boy was it good. If you would like to see another one offered as a Special or even as a regular Menu item please take the time to "Contact Us" and gives us your thoughts. Remember, we are here for you and want to see to it that you are involved in our menu selections.

As you are probably aware there is a Winter Weather Advisory for tonight into tomorrow, so please take care, stay warm and don't forget to keep your pets close by and warm too.

Just remembered, Music. You may wonder what we are playing sometimes...well we have a collection of just over 8500 CDs stored on HDD. Several Playlists have been put together:

1..Billboard Top 100 Hits 1950 through 1970

2..Light Classical

3..Cafe Del Mar - New World Ambient

4..Traditional Country

5..Christmas Classics

If you have any preferences please let us know, maybe you would like to come sit with us and make your own playlist...think about it.


Well, we are feeling pretty abandoned here, all of a sudden everybody has disappeared. Did we do something wrong?


Maybe there is too much snow for you all...


So the teams for Super Bowl 50 are set. We are working flat out to get our Beer and Wine License in place ready for our special day. We shall keep our fingers crossed.

There is a very varied selection of finger foods and snacks, all the things you would expect for such a day. Karen will be putting up her Chicken Wings which within the last six months won first prize in a Veterans of Foreign Wars cook off...Not sure what the Soup will be just yet but the Curry will be a Lamb Dopiasa which will be absolutely excellent. I am certain you will have a great time and we certainly look forward to seeing you.


So, some more good news...we have posted the Valentine's Day menu under "Specials" in the Restaurant drop-down. 

Karen's Salad will be a treat of texture and taste, and will kick off your evening in grand style.

The 8 oz Fillet will be a USDA Choice cut and I will hand trim the center cut for you as if it were a Chateaubriand. It will be dry aged for two weeks and I absolutely guarantee it will be the best beef you have had in a long time. In addition we have procured, by special order, North Atlantic Lobster Tails averaging 6 oz each. Fresh, lightly steamed Asparagus wrapped in Apple Smoked Bacon will be accompanied by Sauteed Potatoes (my favorite). All topped by a homemade Bearnaise Sauce with a made from scratch Au Jus for dipping.

PattyO has planned Cheesecake stuffed Strawberries, each one will be individually dipped in a selection of either white, milk or dark Chocolate. Decadent to the extreme.

And remember, book your reservation early and you will receive a complimentary bottle of Champagne.

Finally, a big thank you to all of you that have lodged with us. It is always nice to be able to serve you then to hear how happy you are with the rooms. Your compliments go such a long way and we will always look forward to your promised return.

Hang on, just remembered a couple of things; check the Restaurant drop Down and you will see that you can now book a table reservation from there...a useful tool.

Last thing, we now have our own snow clearing equipment on site and from here on will be able to make the Car Park more welcoming...