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South Fork Inn and Grille
 "Welcome Friends - Come on in and Stay Awhile"

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The days are really warming up now and so is business. We are still fine tuning the Restaurant Hours and Menus as we adapt to our customer needs. We are very close now to stabilizing these variables so please just be patient and once we are in tune with everything then things will be more reliable.

Staffing is still somewhat of a challenge, however, we are managing to employ some wonderful people who really do understand what we are trying to achieve here and it is also very refreshing to have a bunch of youngsters join The Grill Gang, each of our new employees bring their unique personalities to the South Fork and we enjoy nurturing their enthusiasm.

Meantime, in the pond; the waterfall is fully re-established and the pump and filter system has been completely overhauled and is now operating at peak efficiency. The amount of debris floating to the top still requires scooping out about six time a day but the water chemistry is perfect and the plants are thriving as are the comets and shubunkins we added, along with the mosquito fish. We have spotted a large salamander recently and several big leeches. As unsightly and ugly as they are they do have a beneficial effect when rooting around in the silt so I am not making any real effort to get rid of them. Besides, a lot of them actually get caught up in the pump suction grid.

I have to go travelling for the next couple of weeks so I doubt this blog will be updated until the end of June so, please, once again hang on and be patient.

One final thing, please note that we will be hosting a Party On The Porch July 4th and it will feature an all American Menu. Plus absolute premier seating for viewing the fireworks display which will be held directly opposite the porch and grass area up by the horse pasture. Seating for 25 at tables on the porch and perhaps another 100 on the grass. Bring your chairs and enjoy great food, cold beer and good music until the display starts at around 22:15


All ready for tomorrow's party. We are hoping for a great turnout because it will be a fun day. For a small town Irwin puts on a spectacular fireworks display and we are proud here at the Southfork Inn and Grille to be part sponsors of this very popular local event.

For all those planning to Come stay Awhile please consider the well being of your pets, whether you have them with you or they are at home, this display gets very loud.

We have added three additional four seat tables and shades to the porch and loads of flowers etc. Everything is looking great. The pond and water fall are perfect with the additional of a few fancy Koi. The Creeping Jenny plants that were added in the rock crevices have all taken as has the miniature Bamboo and variegated Water Celery. The big addition though are a whole load of baby fish. The Shubunkins have been breeding as have the Mosquito fish and we have fry hiding out in the rock crevices. By the way, we added one hundred Tree Frog and Leopard Frog tadpoles to the pond also so we can all be serenaded later in the year.

So I had a hankering for a baked potato the other day and started prepping it at one of the Cook's stations. Looking for some cheese I found all sorts of other good stuff and ended up with this monster words can describe the full and complete assault on your taste buds and is overwhelmingly fantastic...prepare to be bowlegged after just one SPUDZILLA ...

What a fabulous weekend this is turning out to be...thank you Swan Valley...


Having a terrific 4th of July at the South Fork Inn and Grille, plenty of regulars and new faces too. This is why we took on the challenge, to be part of you all having a great day and a memorable dining experience.

ps...ask about the Madras Beef Curry before I eat it all.... :-)


A huge big thanks to Brandy and Mateo for putting on such a huge and spectacular fireworks display and advertising us at their annual rodeo. For our community of Irwin it was just so good to hear all the compliments that display received being equalled to and exceeding past displays in Idaho Falls and Jackson...fantastic...

The Party on the Porch was packed with everybody just enjoying good food and a few drinks too. Thank you to everybody who turned up and we must not forget our fantastic staff who excelled; Mel, Len, Bridget, Rachelle, Darcy and Lathan...and thanks to Charlotte who volunteered and helped out when the kitchen was getting backed up with orders...

Spudzilla was a big success and will be featured regularly...

And finally, well done Karen, you hosted a great evening at the South Fork Inn and Grille. Everything we achieved was due to you, your foresight and


As summer marches on we are looking for our next Special Day to celebrate...any ideas? Perhaps you have an anniversary you would like to share or maybe some other special event that we could help you make the most of. Send us your ideas via: [email protected]

We have an idea for "August Babies" this would be a special one day Birthday Bash for all you who have a birthday in August. How about 20th August? More info to come...


What a great start to our day....we were in the Restaurant and it was pouring, I mean pouring, with rain. Looked out over the parking lot and saw not one, not two, but three Polaris Slingshots...the riders all huddling under the porch. Even though we were closed they were invited in and we all sat and yarned over hot fresh coffee.

A very special and immediate friendship just like that...made our day...thank you to Charlie and the gang for "staying awhile" See you again one day...See Photo Album under "Friends" for pictures


There has been a steady up-tick in the amount of familiar faces that we are seeing return to us, this is what is really exciting. Sure we really appreciate new faces too, but when we see you coming back then it helps assure us that we are on the right track.

We are here for the long haul and seeing our local customers show restored faith in this wonderful building and what is meant to be doing, gives us so much pleasure.

We strive to provide you with good experiences, enjoyable times and fond memories. Let us all work together in making the South Fork Inn and Grille as successful as it deserves to be...


Just spent a few days completely reviewing and updating menus, beer and wine lists etc. Still some changes to make to the Winemaker's Notes but, in general, everything is up to date and looking good.

On a completely different theme, I mentioned on FB that we were considering a new type of Party/Celebration to be held on a random basis. The idea is to take one month, in this instance August, and set up the South Fork Inn and Grille as a Birthday venue for anyone who has a birthday in August. So, the end result would be a big birthday party with perhaps a BBQ and, at a later stage, entertainment. If you like the idea please let us know. Tentatively we are planning on 20Aug16...could be a blast.

21Jul - 31Jul16
The "Season" is truly upon us and we are working hard to satisfy all our fabulous customers and guests. So please excuse me if this blog appears to fall behind. We are just focusing our attention on the areas that need our utmost attention - you all out there...

Meantime, August Babies has been re-scheduled for 27th August and the fliers will be out around mid-August.