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South Fork Inn and Grille
 "Welcome Friends - Come on in and Stay Awhile"

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The Beer and Wine List prices will be updated and active by Friday 04Mar16. Apologies for the delay but we have been refining the prices.


As promised, our Beer and Wine Price Lists are now available, here, under the "Restaurant" drop down. They are also posted on our Facebook page and are available in the Restaurant itself. 

It's almost like spring is here so come and visit us and treat yourself to an enticing meal served with the beer and wine of your choice. Our super friendly Management and Staff are here to make sure that you have a fine time.

Our Facebook Trends are looking wonderful. Thank you to those who have taken this alternative look at what we do.

If you have enjoyed your experience with us, be it at in the Restaurant, at the Bar or in our Lodging, we would truly appreciate it if you posted a review. This is then available as a reference to others out there who may be thinking about coming to visit and share that South Fork Inn and Grille experience. Post here or on Facebook, better still try both :-)

St. Patrick's Day is getting close, 17Mar16 so have a look at the Special Menu we have prepared for your enjoyment then make your plans to "Come on in and stay awhile"...we look forward to an abundance of blarney and shenanigans. Leave your Shillelaghs at the door and maybe your evening will turn into a Ceilidh...we have the music...


An up-date for all you wine lovers;

We have found a distributor for our Chilean Casillero Del Diablo, Carmenere and it will be in stock very shortly.

Responding to requests for Pinot Grigio (Italian) or Pino Gris (French) we will soon be offering the Gris. Keep an eye on our wine listing.

The Malbec we were trying to get is difficult to supply so we are going with an alternative and will be offering the Barefoot Malbec.

A point of interest here; of the original six Bordeaux grape varieties we offer wine made from four of them: Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Merlot and Carmenere. The remaining two are Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot, two varieties that are so late in yielding their fruit that they are of a very limited production. Maybe Global Warming will help us out...

Don't forget that St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner...


Take a look at our Wine and Beer Lists. Both have additions which should interest you.

For the Wine aficionado there is now a Malbec, red. From Barefoot it is considered an excellent bargain wine so please give it a taste test and let us know what you think.

On the Beer front we have added the Belgian Shock Top by popular demand. Enjoy.

Finally, an inexpensive yet satisfying Champagne. Try it au natural or in a Mimosa...we are here to help...


I'm just about to butcher and prepare one of  the USDA Choice Cut Top Sirloins we just received. They look wonderful. So, if you stop by for the Saturday Special try a fresh, hand cut, aged sirloin steak. Pair it with a glass of our Malbec or a nice Cab. There are many excellent wines to consider. Of the six original Bordeaux Grapes we carry wines produced by four of them.

Karen just pointed out that our Top Sirloins came from the Double 'R' Ranch which is part of Snake River Farms. From their web-site:

"Double R Ranch is widely recognized as the premier beef brand in the Northwest. Our beef is hand selected to include only USDA Choice and higher levels of marbling. Our commitment to exceptional quality results in unsurpassed flavor and tenderness"

Part of our commitment to you, the customer.

The Corned Beef for St. Patrick's Day is pickling as I write. Can't wait to get cooking.... .I think I shall cook it Sous Vide as I have done this previously with the small Walmart style packages. Always comes out amazingly well...


St. Patrick's Day went  just great thanks to you, our terrific customers. We sold out a complete beef brisket in just two hours, and that is a lot of meat. We had a wonderful time preparing it and serving to you...each day you take the time to visit us we truly appreciate. Thank you.


What a nutty lunchtime, you ran us off our feet. We actually cooked more steak for Sunday lunch than we did on Saturday for dinner when those juicy sirloins were on Special. Loved it.


Please take a minute or two and look at our "Specials" listing and you will see that we will be celebrating St. George's Day on 23Apr16. St. George is the Patron Saint of England and he is the famed Knight that slayed the evil dragon. No dragons on the menu but we are offering a full menu of traditional English Fare. We will also be offering our regular Dinner Menu for those who are not quite so usual our food offerings are complemented by exciting Wines and a great selection of Beer.


Time has surely sped by and I find I have not been updating this blog as much as I should. In truth we have been busy keeping up with the increased business as winter lets go its icy grip on the Valley. As usual most of our exploits have been based around the Kitchen and working on different menu options. Tried a Cajun meal for the first time for you all and it cooked up very well. Now we know it works we will add it as a special here and there. The meal was Creole Blackened Tilapia with dirty rice and steamed spinach.

Another creation we tried is a really exquisite Creamy Rice Pudding for dessert, topped with Strawberry Jam, it is excellent., and then this weekend we cooked up Chicken, Avocado, Bacon Bombs...boy oh boy are they something, they will become a regular addition along with the Cornish Pasties we developed a few months ago.

Tonight will be Savory Deep Fried Cornish Game Hens for our Lodging guests. I can see that becoming a regular too. Don't forget we have a selection of exotic Curries to order as well, including Dopiasa, Vindaloo, Tandori and Byriani.

On a side note we are discussion with one of our wine distributors about a Wine Tasting evening. It would certainly help us if you dropped us a message to show your interest then we can make it a more rewarding experience, and get a more balanced idea about what your preferences in wine might be.