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South Fork Inn and Grille
 "Welcome Friends - Come on in and Stay Awhile"

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Good morning everybody. Just a quick apology to anybody that may have experienced delays in their Restaurant service this past Wednesday and Thursday. We would like to let you know that we were preparing, cooking, boxing up and delivering nearly 150 meals for our fantastic firefighters and their support crews.

This was quite a challenge getting that amount of soups, salads, entrees, deserts and refreshments made up and both delivered or made ready for pick up. Our cook, Cody along with Bridget and Karen need to be complemented to the highest degree for the effort they put into this and if you did incur some minor delays in service we truly apologize but know that now you are aware of the circumstances you will understand. Thank you....


Time marches on and each day brings something new. On November 13th we will have been here one full year and we still agree with our original Mission Statement, basically to "...develop a loyal following of local customers" We strive to keep it interesting for you by listening to what you have to say about our Menus and to adjust our offerings, whether beer, wine or food, to suit you. Keep a close eye on our Specials as this is where we offer to you new items for your interest, as well as those that we know you appreciate.

Cody, our fabulous new cook, is certainly branching out as he settles in bringing completely new ideas and flavors. We were always very confident in our kitchen products and knew that we brought satisfaction to our customers. However, we needed to "step it up a notch" to be sure we did not stagnate into just another food house. Cody brings the flair and imagination to do that without losing touch with our regular customers. Exciting times lay ahead we can assure you. Loyalty is a two way street and we pledge to always be loyal to you all to return the faith you have shown in us.


We refer to ourselves as the "Grille Gang" as we are a tight knit group, mainly, because we all understand the common theme of being involved with the business, it's way more than a pay check, we have to be vested. Finding the right sort of staff has been a challenge and we always seem to be one or two short. That has only bonded the "Gang" closer as we work outside of our designated "jobs" to fill in the gaps and help each other. This means moving people around and we have to single out Mel, our Kitchen Manager, as being so loyal and understanding when in addition to her other duties she undertook to assist with the responsibilities of Housekeeping.

Cody joined us and by stepping in as Head Cook this allowed Mel to spread out and assist Karen more. Bridget, in addition, has started getting more involved with the Business Management side which has also allowed Karen more freedom to take the overview as Inn Keeper.

And now we have Travis. This is a key position as he can support Cody in the Kitchen and also Bridget out on the floor and behind the bar. But that's not all; as time permits he is also our Maintenance and Groundskeeper person. I reckon that's the best job to have but my "real job" precludes that for a few years yet.


Well, last week I talked about the "Grille Gang" and I hope it brought some insight into how we structure ourselves to make sure that you, our wonderful Customers, really do come in and stay awhile.

Now it's time to talk about you...we reckon you need a a designation too, if we are the "Grille Gang" then you are the "Inn Crowd"